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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Keyword Density and Placement in the Article

Placement and density of keywords in the article that you write is important for the onpage Search Engine Optimization. Search engine spiders scan a page so it is important to create a place where the key words they will be detected and recognized as a keyword, so that your article will appear in a search for this keyword.

Put keywords in the article several times and you should look natural and useful for visitors who search on these keywords. It is important to remember that if you repeat too many keywords in an article will result in a search engine spider detects that you try to stuffing keyword. And instead penalize your site and pages to do things like that. May this affect the ranking of your pages on your site or get blacklisted by a search engine if you find a keyword stuffing too many times.

A good percentage of keyword density in your article is about 5% to 6%. For example, if you have a 500 word article and want to reach a keyword density of 5%, then you need to have the keyword in the article exactly 25 times.

Specify the keywords that match your target market and make the articles useful for your visitors not only for search engines, so you can make money from articles that you write.


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